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December 16, 2014

Planning for a Major Shelf Shift

At the beginning of our shifting projects Library Assistant Danni Niles works with Deputy Law Librarian Amy Crowder to analyze the space needs of each area of the library that is overcrowded. Some subjects might be compressed and others expanded depending on the use and currency of each section of the collection.

Before anything is physically moved the space needs are visualized. Danni creates a guide to assign specific collections or call number ranges to new shelves.

This clipboard represents two long ranges of shelves. Each shelf in the range has its own box which holds a call number range or collection nickname, such as LIRC for the Labor and Industry Review Commission decisions collection. Any shelves planned to be left empty for future expansion are marked with a dash -. This way we can test out how the new collection arrangement will fit without having to move materials multiple times. 

December 15, 2014

Shifting Projects in the Library

There are a lot of things that libraries do behind the scenes to improve the experience of using the library. Along with straightening books on the shelves, shifting books to create more space is regular maintenance that helps browsing users and preserves the collection.

A "shifting" project is undertaken when shelves get too crowded which happens as the collection grows. Some subject areas may get more new materials than others and a shifting project is designed to add more space in higher growth areas. Our latest shifting project is a big one; the Wisconsin collection (KFW collection) is constantly growing but occupies a finite space on the second floor of the library.

Our posts this week are devoted to giving you insight into how we design and implement our shifting projects and share with you some of the end results.

Shifting projects are all about making more space. This extra space was made in Compact Storage during a 2012 shifting project

December 2, 2014

Briefs Online: Webinar Scheduled for December 10

Space is still available for our webinar on how to research Wisconsin Briefs. Learn how to access Wisconsin Appellate Briefs on the UW Law Library's website and WSCCA. This class is an introduction to searching for Wisconsin Appellate Briefs available for free on the Internet. This class is worth 1 CLE credit.

Here are the details:
Date: Wednesday, December 10
Time: noon - 1 p.m.
Registration fee: $35

Signing up is easy - preregister on our website or call Tammy Keller at 608-261-7553. We can send attorneys an invoice for the registration fee or the fee can be paid with a credit card over the phone by calling 608-267-9696. The deadline to sign up for this webinar is Tuesday, December 8th.

WSLL at Your Service: December 2014

Our December newsletter is now online! Read about parties, our mitten and hat donation drive, and get tips for using technology with jurors. 

In this issue:
  • What's New:  WSLL Holiday Open House; Upcoming Classes; After Hours Library Access Sign Up/Renew; Libraries Closed for Holidays; 50th Anniversary Judicial Education Conference
  • This Just in...: New & updated library materials; Monthly list of new titles
  • Tech Tip in Brief: Tech Tips for Jury Persuasion
  • WSLL Recommends: Wisconsin Collection Law
  • Odds 'n' Endings: Recipes for Holiday Treats