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April 26, 2022

Jurisdictions in civil actions

Jurisdiction can be a complicated area of law, referring to the authority of a court to hear cases and issue orders. The eBook, Jurisdiction in Civil Acts, examines the concept of jurisdiction in the lens of subject matter jurisdiction, and jurisdiction over a person or property. 

This two volume set of books, written by Robert Casad and others, provides a robust overview of common civil litigation concerns. Learn about the powers and limits of state and federal courts, constitutional considerations, and statutory requirements for establishing the jurisdiction of a civil matter. The second volume includes a focus on case types - such as tort claims and contract issues. A chapter on personal jurisdiction examines a number of different legal concerns, from property actions and consumer law to death on the high seas.

As with every Lexis Digital Library eBook, researchers have a variety of ways to quickly pinpoint their issue. One great feature of Lexis Digital Library is that it keeps the basic finding aids we're accustomed to using in paper-bound books. The Table of Contents is fast to use and clickable, letting you start reading as soon as you find your section. 

I appreciate the speed of an expertly compiled subject index when I need to get a quick survey of where in the book to go for my information. Lexis Digital eBooks include all the finding tools - including subject indexes! Once you've identified the section you need in the index, use the Table of Contents quick link in the toolbar to jump to that section - or just type that section number in the Find search box!

Log into Lexis Digital Library and read Jurisdiction in Civil Acts today!

April 20, 2022

Researching wills in Lexis Digital

Page on the Law of Wills is a well-known treatise on...the law of wills! This ten volume set covers a range of issues - from the history of wills to problems and analysis. In Lexis Digital, it's possible to read this book anytime and from any device. Just sign in with a library card!

This book set includes detailed analysis and helpful case citations, but it also has sample will clauses on a variety of topics. There are two quick ways to jump into form language research. 

1. Search all volumes

Use the search box to search the entire set - or use the Table of Contents to pinpoint a volume and then search that volume directly. This can be useful to help you identify analysis along with the sample language you need.

2. Browse the Forms Book

Volume 7 of Page on the Law of Wills is devoted to sample form language. This volume is arranged according to the chapters of the book. If you identify a chapter that analyzes the issue you are researching, jump to the mirror chapter in volume 7 to look for related forms and will clauses. 

Logging into Lexis Digital

There are a few ways you can log into Lexis Digital.

1. Look for the Lexis Digital link in our catalog - click on links in those book records to jump directly into the book on Lexis Digital. See our catalog record for Page on the law of wills.

2. Visit the library's eBooks page for a direct link to the full Lexis Digital Library. Sign in with your library card, then search or browse for the book you want to use. 

April 6, 2022

Happy National Library Week!

If books are knowledge you can hold in your hand, then the hefty tomes of the law are knowledge you can best hold in the crook of your arm…or perhaps a sturdy bag! With the kickoff of National Library Week on April 4, you can now get a free canvas bookbag with every checkout at our libraries. (While supplies last.) 

Bookbag and books 

This National Library Week we're opening up our Lexis bookbags and talking about what you can read at our libraries. 

Print Books

In his book On Writing, Steven King posits that, "books are a uniquely portable magic." This is certainly true of law books, which hold everything from primary law to analysis to extremely specific and wonderfully time-saving sample forms. Browse through this list of some of our many Lexis-published books in our catalog

Check out these standalone, recently added books:

  • Exculpatory evidence: the accused's constitutional right to introduce favorable evidence
  • Veterans benefits manual
  • What's it worth? a guide to personal injury awards and settlements

Lexis Advance

Supplementing our print offerings, get free access to Lexis Advance to Shepardize citations, research case law, and find journals or books including Nichols on eminent domain and Appleman on insurance. Use Lexis Advance on public computers at the David T. Prosser Jr. Library.  

Lexis Digital Library 

eBooks are easy to hold in your hand, and you can use them on any device. We've gone digital with eBook versions of popular Lexis titles. Log in to the Lexis Digital Library with your Wisconsin State Law Library card to read these books any time, anywhere. Titles include Employment in Wisconsin: Guide to Employment Law, Collier on Bankruptcy, Corbin on Contracts, Moore's Federal Practice, and more. If you don't have a library card, you can still use Lexis Digital using the public computers at our libraries. 

We're excited to announce new eBook access for the following books! Can't make it to the library? No problem! Add these books to your virtual bookbag. All you need is a library card. 

  • Collier family law and the bankruptcy code
  • Criminal practice
  • Cross examination: science & techniques
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Jurisdictions in civil actions
  • Law of premises liability
  • New Appleman on insurance law
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • State constitutional law
  • Thompson on real property
  • Warrens forms of agreements
  • Waters & water rights

Stick with us all month, where we'll be blogging about some of our recent eBook additions and telling you how you can make the best use of your time with Lexis Digital Library.

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