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March 14, 2022

Wisconsin Civil Jury Instructions 2022 Update

The most recent supplement to the Wisconsin Civil Jury Instructions has been approved by the Wisconsin Judicial Conference's Civil Jury Instructions Committee. The fifty-third supplement to this publication includes fifty-three new and updated instructions for the set. These updates reflect legislative actions and judicial decisions through January 21, 2022.

For information on the Committee’s work, please contact Bryce Pierson at bryce.pierson@wicourts.gov.

New instructions include

  • 1393 Liability of a participant in a recreational activity
  • 3079 Termination of easement by abandonment
  • 7050A Involuntary Commitment: Mentally Ill: Recommitment Alleging Wis. Stat. 51.20(1)(am)(Released in late 2021 as an interim release)

Amended instructions include

  • 50 Preliminary Instruction: Before Trial
  • 400 Spoliation: Inference
  • 1008 Intoxication: Chemical Test Results [Reflects Changes in 2003 Wisconsin Act 30]
  • 1023 Medical Negligence
  • 1023.5 Professional Negligence: Legal-Status of Lawyer as a Specialist is Not in Dispute
  • 1153 Right of Way: At Intersection with Through Highway
  • 1155 Right of Way: At Intersections of Highways 
  • 1157 Right of Way: At Intersection of Highways: Ultimate Verdict Question
  • 1158 Right of Way: To Pedestrian Crossing at Controlled Intersection (
  • 1159 Right of Way: Pedestrian Control Signal: Walk Signal
  • 1160 Right of Way: To Pedestrian at Intersections or Crosswalks on Divided Highways or Highways Provided with Safety Zones
  • 1165 Right of Way: To Pedestrian at Uncontrolled Intersection or Crosswalk
  • 1170 Right of Way: Blind Pedestrian on Highway
  • 1175 Right of Way: Entering Highway from an Alley or Nonhighway Access Point
  • 1180 Right of Way: Funeral Processions; Military Convoys
  • 1185 Right of Way: Green Arrow 
  • 1190 Right of Way: Green Signal 
  • 1190.5 Plaintiff and Defendant Each Claims Green Light in Their Favor 
  • 1191 Duty of Driver Entering Intersection with Green Light in Driver's Favor: Lookout
  • 1192 Duty of Driver Approaching Intersection When Amber Light Shows 
  • 1193 Red Traffic Control Light Signaling Stop
  • 1193.5 Flashing Red Traffic Control Light
  • 1195 Right of Way: Left Turn at Intersection
  • 1205 Right of Way: Moving from Parked Position 
  • 1210 Right of Way: On Approach of Emergency Vehicle
  • 1220 Right of Way: Pedestrian's Duty: At Pedestrian Control Signal
  • 1225 Right of Way: Pedestrian's Duty: Crossing at Controlled Intersection or Crosswalk 
  • 1230 Right of Way: Pedestrian's Duty: Crossing Roadway at Point Other than Crosswalk
  • 1235 Right of Way: Pedestrian's Duty: Divided Highways or Highways with Safety Zones
  • 1240 Right of Way: Pedestrian's Duty: Facing Green Arrow 
  • 1245 Right of Way: Pedestrian's Duty: Facing Red Signal
  • 1250 Right of Way: Pedestrian's Duty: Standing or Loitering on Highway 
  • 1255 Right of Way: Pedestrian's Duty: Standing or Loitering on Highway Crosswalk; Suddenly Leaving Curb or Place of Safety 
  • 1260 Position on Highway: Pedestrian's Duty; Walking on Highway
  • 1265 Right of Way: Persons Working on Highway
  • 1270 Right of Way: When Vehicle Using Alley or Nonhighway Access to Stop
  • 1275 Right of Way: When Yield Sign Installed 
  • 1762 Personal Injuries: Future Loss of Earning Capacity
  • 1900.4 Safe-Place Statute: Injury to Frequenter: Negligence of Employer or Owner of a Place of Employment 
  • 2600 Malicious Prosecution: Instituting a Criminal Proceeding
  • 2605 Malicious Prosecution: Instituting a Civil Proceeding
  • 2770 Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law: Good Cause for Termination, Cancellation, Nonrenewal, Failure to Renew, or Substantial Change in Competitive Circumstances (Wis. Stat. § 135.03) 
  • 2790 Trade Name Infringement
  • 3028 Contracts Implied in Law (Unjust Enrichment)
  • 3110 Insurance Contract: Definition of "Resident" or "Member of a Household"
  • 7050 Involuntary Commitment: Mentally Ill
  • 8025 Trespass: Owner's Duty to Trespasser; Duty to Child Trespasser (Attractive Nuisance)
  • 8060 Adverse Possession Not Founded on Written Instrument (Wis. Stat. § 893.25) 
  • 8100 Eminent Domain: Fair Market Value (Total Taking) 
  • 8120 Eminent Domain: Comparable Sales Approach

The Library partners with the Office of Judicial Education to provide free access to the Wisconsin Jury Instructions on our website. While updated instructions can be downloaded at any time from our website, many readers may wish to keep their print sets up-to-date. To do so, download and print the fifty-third release. Blank pages have been inserted to make double sided printing easier. File new and updated instructions, along with the updated table of cases and index in your print set. A complete, printable file of all the current Civil Jury Instructions and finding aids is also available.

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