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September 13, 2021

New Criminal Jury Instructions Released

The Wisconsin Criminal Jury Instructions have recently been updated, with a 2021 release approved by the Wisconsin Judicial Conference's Criminal Jury Instructions Committee. The fifty-ninth supplement to the Criminal Jury Instructions updates the publication on legislative actions and judicial decisions through August 2021.

The update includes revisions of twenty-nine existing jury instructions, as well as five new instructions. New to the set are:

The following instructions have been updated:

Earlier this year the Library partnered with the Office of Judicial Education to debut free access to the Wisconsin Jury Instructions on our website. While updated instructions can be downloaded at any time from our website, many readers may wish to keep their print sets up-to-date. Updating an existing set of print instructions works just as it has in prior years.

Download and print the fifty-ninth release. Blank pages have been inserted to make double sided printing easier. File new and updated instructions, along with the updated statutory comparative table and index in your print set. A complete, printable file of all the current Criminal Jury Instructions and finding aids is also available for those who need to print a complete set.

For information on the status of the Committee's work, please contact Bryce Pierson at bryce.pierson@wicourts.gov.

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