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August 30, 2010

Upcoming Classes: Westlaw Double-header

Do you use Westlaw at your office, or the free Westlaw available at the Wisconsin State Law Library and Milwaukee Legal Resource Center?  If you need a refresher, be sure to sign up for both of our Westlaw classes on October 6th: Ethics Research Via Westlaw, followed by Westlaw at WSLL.

For more details, and to register for these and other classes, check out our list of available classes.

August 23, 2010

WSLL Recommends: American Law Reports

Consulting American Law Reports (ALR) can be an effective way to begin your legal research. This annotation service, published by West, summarizes legal issues and provides citations to relevant cases, statutes, regulations, law review articles, and legal treatises. Continue your case law search by using the recommended Westlaw search query or broaden your research in one of listed topical databases.

You may locate an annotation by searching the ALR Index or the ALR Quick Index. Citations to ALR annotations can also be found in other research resources such as Am Jur2d and CJS.

The State Law Library has a complete ALR collection including ALR - ALR6th, ALRFed, and ALRFed2d. You may also access annotations using the ALR database in Westlaw, which is available at the State Law Library and the Milwaukee Legal Resource Center.

August 16, 2010

Love Your Library: Saved Catalog Searches

You might already login to the catalog to renew materials, but did you know that you can save your favorite catalog searches, using the "Preferred Search" feature?

With preferred searches, you can log in and rerun any saved search without having to remember and recreate it. Setting up saved searches also allows you to get email updates whenever a new title matching your search gets added to the catalog.

Set Up and Use Preferred Searches

Step 1: Login to catalog
Step 2: Run a search (e.g. keyword search for "civil rico")
Step 3: Choose "Save as Preferred Search"

Choose "Save as Preferred Search" to save your search terms and settings

Viewing and Rerunning Preferred Searches
  1. Login to catalog
  2. From your account screen, choose the "Preferred Search" button on the right

  3. If you have already created some saved searches, you will see them listed.  Select the "Search" link to the right of each saved search to rerun that search.
Getting Email Updates from Your Search
  1. Login to catalog
  2. From your account screen, choose the "Preferred Search" button on the right
  3. Look for the check boxes next to your saved search.  Check the box under the "Mark for Email" column, then click the "Update List" button.
  4. Are you unsure if you have an email address on your account?  Contact the Circulation Desk at 608-266-1600 or select the "Modify Personal Info" button on the right to add or change your email address.
Remove Preferred Searches

If you've finished with the project for which you set up saved searches, preferred searches are easy to remove.
  1. Login to catalog
  2. From your account screen, choose the "Preferred Search" button on the right
  3. Look for the check boxes next to your saved search.  Check the box under the "Mark to Remove" column, then click the "Update List" button. 
Any questions?  Feel free to ask a librarian for assistance by phone or email.

August 9, 2010

New Links to County Forms, Guides, Agencies

Our County Resources database has recently grown.  We have added new links to agencies, like child support, district attorney offices, and legal assistance organizations.  Changes also include new court forms and guides developed by individual counties, court fees, county clerk guides and more!

The database offers access to county departments, forms, procedural guides, sources for legal assistance, court rules and ordinances.

From the start page, select a county or leave the drop down at "All Wisconsin Counties". Choose whether you wish to view everything (leave all boxes selected), or whether you would only like to see certain information, like agencies, or forms. Then simply click "Go"!

This database is updated weekly. If you have corrections or suggestions for your county, contact the webmaster.

August 2, 2010

WSLL at Your Service: August 2010

The August issue of the library newsletter, WSLL @ Your Service, has been published.  

Highlights include: 

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