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March 20, 2009

New Domain Name: WILawLibrary.gov

You may have noticed some changes this week in our newsletter. Look up in your browser’s address bar! We have changed our domain name to the easier-to-remember WILawLibrary.gov. This change is made in anticipation of our redesigned website, which will launch this spring.

While you will still be able to reach our website using our old domain name (wsll.state.wi.us), please take a moment to update any links, favorites, or bookmarks you may have to our new domain name, wilawlibrary.gov.

The Wisconsin State Law Library website continues to serve as an outstanding resource for the state’s legal community, government agencies, and to members of the public who need easy access to legal information. With the spring launch of our redesigned website, you will see many enhancements.

Not only will it be easier to browse around the site, but we have also enriched our popular Legal Topics to include even more useful information. We are also adding new legal research tutorials and online document request forms, and have set up a database for county legal resources such as forms, legal guides, and government agencies.

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