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July 29, 2012

New to the Website: July 2012 Update

We recently added two new resources to our Sports Law legal topic page: a link to a recent State Bar of Wisconsin InsideTrack article, "Concussion law and youth sports: a new law that protects the head", and a link to the concussion and head injury law in the Wisconsin Statutes.

Also new to our website:
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July 20, 2012

What is on the book cart?

Have you noticed staff working with materials near shelves and wondered what they were doing? In a typical week about 25-30 titles will receive some type of supplement to bring them up to date. The frequency and style of updates depends on editorial choices made by publishers, and our subscriptions. Common types of supplements are looseleaf filing, which integrates page into books, or pocket parts found in the back of each volume.

A filing cart ready to go.

To determine the last time a book was updated, check our catalog which will display the last update received. Other useful information can be found in cover dates or revision statements on the title pages of the volume or pocket part, or on the last filing instructions used to update a book - found in the front of the first volume of a set. If you need help determining when a title was updated, ask a librarian.

Check the catalog record for the latest update.

July 15, 2012

WSLL Recommends: Bender’s Forms of Discovery

Combining procedural analysis along with sample forms, the 17 volume Bender's Forms of Discovery is a comprehensive guide to discovery in state and federal practice. Volumes 1 – 10A include countless subject specific interrogatory forms contributed by attorneys who have prepared and used them in their practices. Each interrogatory is focused on a single, concise question to "safeguard against evasiveness in answers". Interrogatories are grouped into chapters by subject, with subjects arranged alphabetically. Chapters begin with a scope note providing a brief analysis of the topic, along with references to related subject chapters and to other treatises. Table of contents for individual chapters include detailed entries for each sample form, for easy browsing; volume 10A includes an index to forms.

Volumes 11-17 focus on discovery practice with full coverage of federal discovery law and related state laws, along with practice forms. Noteworthy chapters include those on Civil Rule 26 duty to disclose, medical discovery, depositions, criminal discovery, FOIA, and e-discovery. Individual chapters include bibliographic guides for further research. Volume 12a contains case digests on entry on land and on the production and inspection of documents and things. The set includes charts comparing the discovery rules of the 50 states with federal discovery rules and state rules at variance with federal rules. Volume 17 includes an index to the practice volumes. Bender's Forms of Discovery is available for checkout from the Wisconsin State Law Library.

July 8, 2012

Alcohol Beverages Regulation in Wisconsin

We recently added to our collection a new title from the State Bar of Wisconsin: Alcohol beverages regulation in Wisconsin.

Written by Attorney Aaron Gary of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau, this two volume set explains the rules and legislation that regulate the alcohol industry in Wisconsin. This new title addresses alcoholic beverage laws including definitions of different kinds of beverages, production, taxation, transportation, sale, storage, and enforcement and penalties.

A detailed table of contents can be found on the State Bar of Wisconsin's website.

Copies will be available from each library, as well as through the Library's subscription to Books Unbound on our public access computers.

July 2, 2012

Libraries Closed: Wednesday, July 4th

The Wisconsin State Law Library, Milwaukee Legal Resource Center, and Dane County Legal Resource Center will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

To submit a question to the Wisconsin State Law Library while we are closed, you may call us at 608-267-9696 or Ask a Librarian online. We will respond to questions and requests on Thursday, July 5th.

WSLL at Your Service: July 2012

Our latest newsletter, WSLL @ Your Service, is now online! Included in this issue:

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