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June 14, 2010

Free Westlaw at WSLL

Did you know that free Westlaw is available at the Wisconsin State Law Library and the Milwaukee Legal Resource Center? Thanks to the library's subscription, Westlaw Public Access is available to our patrons for free on library computers.

Search primary law databases (case law, statutes, codes) at the Wisconsin and federal level plus all 50 states. In addition, access law reviews, forms, and a host of treatises. KeyCite, a citation verification tool, is also included.

Here are just a few popular databases to get you started:

McQuillin Law of Municipal Corporations (database ID: Municorp)
Contains the full text of the leading authority on municipal law, McQuillin Law of Municipal Corporations 3d consisting of 30 indexed, annotated volumes that study all aspects of the law of municipal corporations, including analysis of all significant cases on essentially every critical point of law.
Wisconsin Practice Series - Insurance Defense (database ID: WIPRAC-IDF)
Consists of material that relates to insurance & tort law and is compiled from the Wisconsin Practice Series
Wisconsin Headnotes (database ID: WI-HN) coverage 1849-present
Remember scanning pages and pages of Key Number Digest entries, searching for the perfect case? Now, you can accomplish the same result in minutes with a simple keyword search in the Wisconsin Headnotes database. With headnote summaries, a precise search may include just one or two terms.  This file contains headnotes to cases from Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

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