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October 24, 2010

WSLL Recommends: Wisconsin Crimes

When researching criminal acts, attorneys know that jury instructions enumerating the elements of the crime and statutes generally include a description and various penalties. A new, one-volume acquisition, Wisconsin Crimes: Elements, Definitions and Penalties, references statutes, elements, and penalties all in one place.

The book is organized by statute number, listing crimes as they appear in the criminal code. Each entry includes the statute number and heading, elements of the crime, the penalty, and any collateral consequences. If a uniform jury instruction is available, the entry includes a reference to the instruction number. If an entry includes a term that is defined in the statutes, for example, "property of another" that term appears in bold print and is defined in the Definitions section of the book.

This book was originally intended for use by judges but is also a handy, easy-to-use reference guide for attorneys and researchers. Originally published by Judge Dennis Flynn of Racine County in 1997, Professor David E. Schultz updated and expanded the concept to arrive at the current 2009 edition, published by CLEW, UW Law School.

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