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May 20, 2011

WI Briefs Database Turns a Page

Access to the appellate briefs and appendices in the Wisconsin Briefs database has been brought to you by the successful and collaborative effort of the staff at the State Law Library, who generates the scanned images, and the staff at the UW Law Library, who host this database on their website.

Due to the adoption of appellate electronic filing by the Wisconsin Court System, on July 1, 2009, we will stop expanding the Wisconsin Briefs database. You will continue to have access to the database on the UW Law Library's website for briefs and appendices from published and unpublished cases found in 173 Wis.2d through 317 Wis.2d but we will not be adding new documents to this webpage in the future.

You will now be able to retrieve briefs from 318 Wis.2d forward by way of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Access database (WSCCA). You can access electronically filed and scanned briefs by using the "Document Search" tab or by accessing the "Case History" page from an individual case's summary. Be aware that the "Full Text Search" from the "Document Search" tab will only retrieve the text of e-filed briefs. Please feel free to contact the State Law Library's reference staff with access questions as we continue to fill in the gaps between what is available on the WI Briefs webpage and what is currently available through WSCCA.

The largest difference in access between the WI Briefs webpage and WSCCA is the absence of appendices. The court system has adopted a more restrictive access policy for the appendices of appellate cases on WSCCA to protect sensitive personal information. However, appendices are public record and will be made available through the fee-based document delivery service of the State Law Library.

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