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November 13, 2011

WSLL Recommends: National Business Institute Books

Many legal practitioners recognize the name National Business Institute (NBI), a leading provider of legal and professional education not only in Wisconsin but throughout the U.S. Founded in 1983 and based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, NBI has served over 2 million professionals through training seminars presented in live, audio, teleconference, webcast, and online on-demand formats.

Each NBI legal training program is developed and taught by practicing professionals and includes course materials prepared by those same professionals. NBI provides them as downloadable PDFs, CD-ROMs, or printed publications. Sometimes the material consists of only an annotated outline, but often it's a complete narrative accompanied by excerpts from applicable statutes and court opinions. The addition of sample forms, letters and checklists gives the reader useful, practical knowledge in a particular type of case or area of the law.

NBI materials have been part of the WSLL collection for many years. Since 2006 we've purchased 20 to 25 new NBI titles every year through a standing order arrangement with the publisher. A search of the online catalog retrieves nearly 200 NBI titles, all of which may be borrowed by WSLL cardholders.

To illustrate the variety of coverage and practical focus of NBI publications, here are some of the titles WSLL has purchased so far this year:

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