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February 15, 2012

WSLL Recommends: Waters and Water Rights

Waters and Water Rights is a comprehensive analysis of water-related laws contained in a five volume set. Authored by a team of practicing attorneys and legal scholars, chapter topics include:
  • riparian rights
  • reasonable use and correlative rights of groundwater
  • infrastructure for water distribution and storage by public water districts and private organizations
  • public right to water
  • constitutional foundations of federal water
  • reserved water rights and Indian reserved water rights
  • ownership of water, state water rights, and the acquisition of water for federal uses
  • impact of the Endangered Species Act on private water rights
  • climate change
  • interstate water allocation and the interstate export of water
  • international waters
  • environmental issues including water quality, groundwater protection, water pollution, drainage, flooding and wetlands preservation
Volume 4 offers an overview of each state's water laws compiled by an expert in the water law of that particular state. The state surveys include references to other state-specific sources of information. Also contained in the volume are surveys covering five river basins.

Volume 5 includes an extensive glossary, table of case law, and a table of state and federal laws with references to sections and footnotes within the set.

Waters and Water Rights is updated annually. The library also owns the 1st , 2nd and 3rd editions originally edited by Robert Emmett Clark

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