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June 17, 2012

WSLL Recommends: Uniform Commercial Code Treatises

Where do you turn when researching a complicated question involving the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)? The Wisconsin State Law Library provides access to two major treatise sets on the UCC:  Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code and Hawkland's Uniform Commercial Code Series. Both of these sets are arranged by article code section.

Lawrence's consists of 23 bound volumes. It provides original text and comments from the Uniform Law Commissioners and analysis of each article of the UCC. References to state case law are well organized in footnotes throughout. One volume is dedicated to local code variations for all jurisdictions. The set is updated via annual pocket parts.

Hawkland's Uniform Commercial Code is an 18-volume loose-leaf service, also providing detailed analysis of the UCC, model code, official comments and local variations. Hawkland's includes a focus on "private law conventions" which can be useful in understanding international commercial transactions in a global economy. In addition to the print set, the library provides full text electronic access to Hawkland's on Westlaw.com.

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