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July 20, 2012

What is on the book cart?

Have you noticed staff working with materials near shelves and wondered what they were doing? In a typical week about 25-30 titles will receive some type of supplement to bring them up to date. The frequency and style of updates depends on editorial choices made by publishers, and our subscriptions. Common types of supplements are looseleaf filing, which integrates page into books, or pocket parts found in the back of each volume.

A filing cart ready to go.

To determine the last time a book was updated, check our catalog which will display the last update received. Other useful information can be found in cover dates or revision statements on the title pages of the volume or pocket part, or on the last filing instructions used to update a book - found in the front of the first volume of a set. If you need help determining when a title was updated, ask a librarian.

Check the catalog record for the latest update.

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