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June 14, 2013

WSLL Recommends: Antitrust Law

Reportedly the most cited work in its field, Areeda’s Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and Their Application is clearly an authority on antitrust law.

This title comprised of 14 volumes, plus a standalone supplement volume and a table of contents, table of cases and index volume, is divided into four parts:
  • Preliminary and Pervasive Issues: Antitrust Goals, Coverage Procedure, and Economics, which covers the interplay of state and federal law, federal exemptions, reach of antitrust law in interstate and foreign commerce, litigation, and antitrust standing.
  • Market Structures, which covers market power; geographic and product markets; monopolies; exploitative, predatory and strategic pricing; vertical integration; and mergers. 
  • Restraints of Trade: Horizontal and Vertical, which covers commonly owned corporations, the “Rule of Reason” and the “Per Se” rule, tying arrangements, exclusive dealing, and horizontal agreements.
  • Collateral Antitrust Provisions, which covers the Robinson-Patman Act and state antitrust law. 

When researching antitrust law, you may also wish to consider two other titles within the State Law Library’s collection: Kintner’s Federal Antitrust Law and Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation by Von Kalinowski.

Kintner’s provides analysis of federal antitrust statutes and citations to federal court opinions of all major areas of federal antitrust law. In June the library received an entirely revised volume (II) for this title on practices prohibited by the Sherman Antitrust Act. The 10 volume Von Kalinowski set provides analysis of business practices that may conflict with antitrust laws. This comprehensive work includes citations to federal, state and international primary law.

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