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September 15, 2013

WSLL Recommends: Bohr's Social Security Issues Annotated

Bohr's Social Security Issues Annotated is a 2 volume loose-leaf set that is updated annually. This set is geared towards the drafting attorney practicing in Social Security law. The author, Susan Bohr, is an appellate attorney who has specialized in Social Security law for 30 years. The checklists, issue specific sample briefs, and summary of cases have all been developed from her real world expertise.

This set comes with a companion CD that allows you to search and access the full-text of the book, as well 120 model briefs (not included in paper). This tool makes incorporating the text of persuasive pattern arguments in your own writing both quick and easy. While the James Publishing Search program feels a little clunky, it does facilitate a comprehensive review of your topic throughout the set. The text of the briefs can be found in a separate folder on the CD. Unfortunately, they do not appear to be searchable through the main search program.

You will find an examination of common errors in ALJ decisions and a checklist of issues that can be raised in the Appeals Council, as well as federal courts. There are also detailed case surveys for sequential evaluation, assessment of disability, specific impairments, non-disability issues, administrative review, federal courts, attorneys' fees, and source of law issues. In addition, the author focuses on 44 specific disability issues, including several specific impairments. For these issues you will find summaries of the applicable statutes, regulations, rulings, POMS (Program Operations Manual System), cases, and practice pointers.

Look to this set if you are writing a brief for your next SSA case or drafting a SSA appeal. If you are looking for more of a primer on Social Security law, you might be better served by a title such as Handling a Social Security Disability Case (NBI).

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