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January 28, 2015

Books Unbound at your Libraries

Brown books, brown binders, CLE books, State Bar books... These are all common nicknames for a collection of practice-oriented books published by the State Bar of Wisconsin on a variety of topics. The State Law Library maintains a complete set of these in print and supplements its print copies with online access through the State Bar's Books Unbound database. Visitors to the library can use this database to find forms and keyword search across multiple books.

Books Unbound is available on public computers at all three libraries. The Books UnBound database offers access to an extensive collection of State Bar CLE "brown binder" books, such as Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial, Traffic Law and Practice in Wisconsin, Family Law Casenotes and Quotes, Wisconsin Civil Litigation Forms Manual, and more. Users can keyword search the full text of each book and print selected sections.

Learn more about the database and get advanced search tips in our newsletter article on Books Unbound.


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