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June 12, 2015

Vacation Rental Laws in Wisconsin

Homeowners wishing to rent out their homes as vacation rentals can look to the local level as well as state regulations.

Check local ordinances for laws about vacation rentals. If your town or city isn't on our list, contact the municipal clerk's office. If the clerk doesn't maintain the ordinances, check with the corporation counsel office or a local public library. The local building and zoning department may also be a useful contact for information about zoning restrictions or permits.

The Wisconsin Department of Health issues permits to individuals and businesses for lodging facilities in Wisconsin. Read more at their tourist rooming houses and bed & breakfast permits & laws page. Wisconsin Administrative Code chapter DHS 195 regulates hotels, motels, and tourist rooming houses and DHS 197 regulates bed and breakfasts. 

Renters may want to check their lease for sublet or guest clauses. Legal publisher Nolo.com has a page on their website for tenants looking to use Airbnb. Nolo also has a broader interest page for homeowners: Airbnb and other short-term rentals of your home.

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