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April 1, 2017

New library dress code

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This month, library patrons will have the opportunity to participate in a new program to promote Mock Trial Awareness. Throughout the month of April, library patrons will be encouraged to conduct their research "robed" i.e. wearing a judge or barrister robe.

Don’t own a dress robe? No problem. As you enter the library, look for the "robe rack" to the right of the circulation desk. It will be stocked with various sizes of black robes and other traditional court dress. Library users may choose a robe and optional wig and then go about their business in the library. There will be one scarlet robe, available for "red letter days." Any patron celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special day is encouraged to wear the scarlet robe during their time at the library. Other patrons are expected to "yield to the scarlet robe" while in line to check out books, scan books at the library’s new scanner, or take a drink at the bubbler.

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