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January 2, 2019

Recommended Modern Dictionaries

Recently we added Reading the law: the interpretation of legal texts, by Antonin Scalia and Bryan A. Garner, to our collection. This book includes a list of recommended modern dictionaries. Using this book as a reference, we've updated our collection and created a display in our library which showcases these dictionaries. Stop by our David T. Prosser Jr. Library location, or ask a librarian for help using one of these sources.

Law Dictionaries

2009: Black's law dictionary (9th edition)
2011: Merriam-Webster's dictionary of law (2nd edition)
2011: Garner's dictionary of legal usage (3rd edition)

English Language Dictionaries (most recent editions)

The Oxford English dictionary (online edition)
American heritage dictionary of the English language
Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary
The new Oxford American dictionary
The new shorter Oxford English dictionary
Webster's new world college dictionary
The Cambridge guide to English usage
Garner's modern American usage

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