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September 27, 2019

Where to Find Landlord Tenant Forms

We're often asked for rental forms at the library and we're able to provide fillable or sample forms from a variety of sources.

Some counties have created landlord/tenant forms, such as eviction notices or checklists. We link to these on our County Legal Resources database under "Landlord/Tenant." 

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In each of our libraries, we re-sell forms created by the Wisconsin Legal Blank company. If you're looking for these forms near you, check with your local office supply store to see if they sell them. They can also be purchased online through the Wisconsin Legal Blank website. These forms include:

  • Residential Lease (Form 19) 
  • Tenant Inspection/Acceptance (Form 993)
  • 28-day Notice Terminating Tenancy (Form 327)
  • 14-day Notice to Correct Breach (Form 767) 
  • 14-day Notice Terminating Tenancy (Form 768)
  • 5-day Notice to Correct Breach (Form 330)
  • 5-day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent (Form 328)
  • 5-day Notice to Vacate - Criminal activity or drug related criminal activity (Form 334)
  • 5-day Notice to Vacate - Imminent threat of serious physical harm (Form 333)
  • 5-day Notice to Vacate - Nuisance (Form 329)

Pages from the Tenant Resource Center website are also useful for locating sample forms. Their resources for tenants and resources for landlords pages include sample forms and letters, like check-in and check-out forms, payment agreements, security deposit letters, and termination agreements.

A book in our collection that was published by the Tenant Resource Center, Apartment management in Wisconsin (2004), includes many sample forms and letters including:

  • Acceptance of rental application
  • Application for co-signer
  • Credit check notification
  • Landlord entry notice
  • Lead-based hazard notifications
  • Nonrenewal of month-to-month tenancy
  • Not sufficient funds letter
  • Rejection of rental application
  • Renewal of lease
  • Repair request
  • Security deposit deductions
  • Sublet agreement
  • Termination of tenancy by mutual agreement
If you ever forget where to find these, just head to our Landlord/Tenant legal topic page, or ask a librarian for help. Finally, for those harder-to-find commercial lease forms, check our Commercial Lease research guide for a list of books in our library which have information and sample forms about commercial leases. 

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