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February 11, 2020

Researching treatment courts

The most recent issue of The Third Branch talks about the growth of treatment courts in Wisconsin. These "problem-solving" courts work to address underlying issues related to criminal behavior. According to the article, Treatment court growth driven by strategy, 90 specialty courts already operate throughout Wisconsin, with seven more under development for 2020.

Treatment courts are a growing area of scholarship, and a growing collection in our library. In 2005, the library began to collect drug court research materials at the Dane County Law Library. Now, we've added more to our print collection, as well as through online databases.

The Library's recent research guide, Drug and alternative treatment courts, is a quick start guide to researching these specialty courts. Get links to current standards and reports, as well as recent articles and additions to the library. This guide complements and expands on our Drug & Alternative Treatment Courts legal topic page.

Drug and alternative treatment courts research guide

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