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January 26, 2021

Wisconsin Jury Instructions Online

We're happy to announce that the Wisconsin State Law Library is now hosting current Wisconsin Jury Instructions on our website. https://wilawlibrary.gov/jury/

This is a result of a cooperative effort between the University of Wisconsin Law School, the State Law Library, and the Wisconsin Court System's Office of Judicial Education. You can read more in this press release: https://www.wicourts.gov/news/view.jsp?id=1307

All three Jury Instructions committees of the Wisconsin Judicial Conference will continue their standard schedules to develop instructions. New instructions will be published online. The Office of Judicial Education will continue to provide update releases indicating revised or new jury instructions for each set.

Every instruction set on the website includes a table of contents with links to download current instructions. Indexes and tables are also linked from each set. On individual instruction pages (pictured below), get more information about each instruction including a model citation, download links, relevant dates, and related cases and statutes from the case and statutory comparison tables. 

Each instruction set includes an update page, which links to filing releases for recent years.
For those needing to update print sets of instructions, tools are available to help. When an instruction set is updated, a filing release will be created and posted on the set's updates page. Users can use the latest update release to print off new instructions to update their set. In addition, annually-updated printable versions of tables and indexes are linked at the top of each index and table page. A complete, printable copy of each instruction set is linked as a single file from each main instruction page, above the table of contents.

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