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October 15, 2012

Americans with Disabilities: Practice and Compliance Manual

This month the library is highlighting a print set called Americans with Disabilities: Practice and Compliance Manual. It is a valuable and well-respected treatise and practice manual. Comprised of 4 main topics, the set is housed in 7 looseleaf binders. All the volumes circulate to our library card holders.

The 4 main practice areas include: Programs, Services and Accommodations; Employment; Education; and Housing. Forms are included at the end of each main topic making this set a valuable tool for practitioners. It also contains relevant statutes, regulations, and agency materials, as well as ALR annotations and strategies for trial from Am. Jur. Trials.

This set is updated quarterly and our set was most recently supplemented in August 2012. This well organized manual might be just the place to start your disability law research, whether you are researching compliance requirements, defending against, or filing for a discrimination suit under the ADA.

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