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December 15, 2014

Shifting Projects in the Library

There are a lot of things that libraries do behind the scenes to improve the experience of using the library. Along with straightening books on the shelves, shifting books to create more space is regular maintenance that helps browsing users and preserves the collection.

A "shifting" project is undertaken when shelves get too crowded which happens as the collection grows. Some subject areas may get more new materials than others and a shifting project is designed to add more space in higher growth areas. Our latest shifting project is a big one; the Wisconsin collection (KFW collection) is constantly growing but occupies a finite space on the second floor of the library.

Our posts this week are devoted to giving you insight into how we design and implement our shifting projects and share with you some of the end results.

Shifting projects are all about making more space. This extra space was made in Compact Storage during a 2012 shifting project

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