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March 29, 2016

New Classes in April

Did you know that we have two new classes in April?

On April 14 attend our free class on productivity apps. Are you hard pressed for time and are searching for ways to stay organized? Do you work with people in different locations or at all times of day? Productivity apps like Asana, Google, and Dropbox might be the perfect tools to transform the way you work. With so many apps available it can be hard to choose the right one. This class will focus on five of the industry's best apps that will have you or your team getting work done faster and smoother.

On April 15 don't miss our new webinar on power searching strategies. Save time and money by searching in the right place first. This class will survey search techniques and results for free websites (like Google) and specialty sites (like Westlaw and HeinOnline). Learn search shortcuts for your favorite websites and understand the kind of information you can get from each source.

Register online for both of these classes to reserve your spot today!

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