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August 19, 2016

WSLL Recommends: Neighbor Law

Problems with neighbors can be fraught with emotion, as well as difficult to research. When we get questions about trees, boundary disputes, or fences one of our favorite books is Nolo's Neighbor Law: fences, trees, boundaries & noise. This book is written in plain language with the non-attorney reader in mind and provides overviews of the issues and sample letters.

Chapters on tree damage and boundaries include sample letters and agreements on particular aspects of each issue. This book is supplemented by FAQs and articles on Nolo.com's Neighbors legal topic page

If you just need a quick statutory reference, flip to the tables in the back with 50 state surveys on the following: 
  • Injury to trees
  • Private nuisance
  • Boundary fence disputes
  • Adverse possession
  • Right-to-farm
Check out Neighbor Law: fences, trees, boundaries & noise from the Wisconsin State Law Library and Dane County Law Library. 

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