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June 29, 2018

Time for (some) fireworks!

As the Fourth of July approaches, the Wisconsin Attorney General's office has released their annual reminder about fireworks laws

Wisconsin Statute 167.10 addresses the regulation of fireworks in Wisconsin and lists various firework-related devices that aren't regulated, such as sparklers or toy snakes. Anyone looking for a concise summary of fireworks laws should look at the WI Dept. of Justice's summary of Wisconsin Fireworks Law (2014), which is geared towards law enforcement. This guide includes a list of items that are generally legal in Wisconsin without a permit, as well as those that are illegal without a permit throughout Wisconsin.

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It's important to note that further restrictions and enforcement rest with local authorities, so be sure to check local ordinances. Permits are generally issued by local authorities (i.e. the mayor or person designated by the mayor). The press release also covers examples of laws and practices you might see for local fireworks regulation.

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