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April 26, 2022

Jurisdictions in civil actions

Jurisdiction can be a complicated area of law, referring to the authority of a court to hear cases and issue orders. The eBook, Jurisdiction in Civil Acts, examines the concept of jurisdiction in the lens of subject matter jurisdiction, and jurisdiction over a person or property. 

This two volume set of books, written by Robert Casad and others, provides a robust overview of common civil litigation concerns. Learn about the powers and limits of state and federal courts, constitutional considerations, and statutory requirements for establishing the jurisdiction of a civil matter. The second volume includes a focus on case types - such as tort claims and contract issues. A chapter on personal jurisdiction examines a number of different legal concerns, from property actions and consumer law to death on the high seas.

As with every Lexis Digital Library eBook, researchers have a variety of ways to quickly pinpoint their issue. One great feature of Lexis Digital Library is that it keeps the basic finding aids we're accustomed to using in paper-bound books. The Table of Contents is fast to use and clickable, letting you start reading as soon as you find your section. 

I appreciate the speed of an expertly compiled subject index when I need to get a quick survey of where in the book to go for my information. Lexis Digital eBooks include all the finding tools - including subject indexes! Once you've identified the section you need in the index, use the Table of Contents quick link in the toolbar to jump to that section - or just type that section number in the Find search box!

Log into Lexis Digital Library and read Jurisdiction in Civil Acts today!

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