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April 20, 2022

Researching wills in Lexis Digital

Page on the Law of Wills is a well-known treatise on...the law of wills! This ten volume set covers a range of issues - from the history of wills to problems and analysis. In Lexis Digital, it's possible to read this book anytime and from any device. Just sign in with a library card!

This book set includes detailed analysis and helpful case citations, but it also has sample will clauses on a variety of topics. There are two quick ways to jump into form language research. 

1. Search all volumes

Use the search box to search the entire set - or use the Table of Contents to pinpoint a volume and then search that volume directly. This can be useful to help you identify analysis along with the sample language you need.

2. Browse the Forms Book

Volume 7 of Page on the Law of Wills is devoted to sample form language. This volume is arranged according to the chapters of the book. If you identify a chapter that analyzes the issue you are researching, jump to the mirror chapter in volume 7 to look for related forms and will clauses. 

Logging into Lexis Digital

There are a few ways you can log into Lexis Digital.

1. Look for the Lexis Digital link in our catalog - click on links in those book records to jump directly into the book on Lexis Digital. See our catalog record for Page on the law of wills.

2. Visit the library's eBooks page for a direct link to the full Lexis Digital Library. Sign in with your library card, then search or browse for the book you want to use. 

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